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Janice Blair Grodsky

Janice Grodsky, an innovative somatic coach, who uses specialized science based practices helping people to achieve personal and professional growth.
She helps clients connect with their personal energy system, gain clarity in understanding their patterns and use their intuition in the growth and healing process. Janice guides her clients out of stagnation and into their desired space of mind/body/spirit. Janice’s clients experience awareness, clarity, more and better opportunities, including new career options, deeper intimate personal relationships, greater self-love and true self-confidence. Her clients experience less stress, anxiety, depression, enjoy better sleep, clarity in their life purpose and are overall happier people.

As a Transformational Somatic Coach, Janice holds specialized certifications. She is a certified Sensation Based Motivation Coach, certified Core Centering and Cross Mapping Practitioner, as well as a certified Soul Agenda facilitation expert. Using a variety of additional modalities in her practice including TCM theories, Crystal Healing, Energy medicine, Reflexology, and Art therapy for healing. She also holds a Master Level Reiki Certification, and is a Guided Intuitive Medium. 
A true Entrepreneur, Janice has owned/operated 3 successful businesses in California and Arizona. Janice, Mom to 1 son, currently lives in her hometown of Oceanside, CA. As a native she often walks the local beach strand for her spiritual and physical rejuvenation. She also spends time with her son, family and friends enjoying all that the So Cal life can offer!


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