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Finding your Soul Agenda is purpose work. It, however, is very different than any other purpose work out there. It embraces the whole of a person. The light and the shadow sides in duality. It simplifies your decision making with everything in your life; releasing the fear and worry of making a mistake, or failing. If you feel challenged by small decisions, let alone the larger ones, getting in touch with your “Truth” through Soul Agenda work will support your ability to create more in your life. More ease to release tension and stress from your life in work, family and friendships. All of your relationships will be positively impacted – even your relationship with money, or “time”.

How will your Soul Agenda Work impact you?

How we “show up” in our lives differs a great deal when we are in “light”, aligned with and confident in, our purpose, versus when we are in the “shadow” of fear and doubt, lacking motivation, or buried in fear. It’s a very clear difference, a clear language and energy that we put off and out into the world. We become clear, directed, and can use our clarity as a compass to motivate us to make the best choices for our greatest good, from our vocation to what we should have for breakfast.

The concept is simple. When you know your Soul’s Agenda, your purpose, it will effortlessly show up as choices and opportunities in your life; in what you are naturally “growing towards”. The Soul Agenda work helps you to identify where and what causes you to stay stuck in pattens that keep you from your purpose. We use this process to expand your “light aspect” to grow more and more into a conscious way of being.

Think about something that you desire that has never manifested for you. This is where we tend to go into “story”, “patterns” and “conditioning” most often. Maybe it’s love, or more financial freedom, aligned with your dreams. We desire these but things but just can seem to create them. Think about how not having these things makes you feel.

The reason that’s important is that the Soul Agenda can help you spot when you are “stuck in your story” while it is happening, or before it happens. You can catch yourself and make conscious choices to support a different outcome and result; one that you desire that is aligned with your truth, your values, your goals and your deepest dreams.

Imagine feeling free from worry and fear, knowing exactly what your purpose is, and having the confidence to create it with ease! Imagine breaking free from money challenges, lack of love or loneliness; finding the career of your dreams, and living your life in perfect harmony with your purpose.

Just like Cindy did when she created a 100% expansion in her business growth and realized she was holding herself back from her inner truth and desires! “Since finding my Soul’s Agenda, I have the freedom of choice that I couldn’t see clearly before. Working with Janice has been an invaluable experience. I now have tools that I can use with ease to create my desires! The biggest impact was believing I couldn’t “do” and now my choice is “me” and I am fulfilling a lifeline dream and preparing for my first Triathlon!”

If Cindy’s story sparked curiosity in you and you want some of what she has… tap the “contact me” to schedule a free 15 minute session with me! I would be so honored to dive in with you – It’s pretty amazing and profound work!

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